Bella Pipes: Meet Bella

Bella grew up in the west but always wanted to live on the east coast. After traveling around the U.S. and living in different states, she landed in Brooklyn, where she was deeply involved in activism from a young age. Her passion for justice and equality led her to countless marches, rallies, and community meetings. Through her activism, Bella met Nic and Court, two powerful high priestesses who ran a magical sanctuary. Intrigued by their teachings and drawn to their powerful presence, Bella decided to join their sanctuary to learn more about her spiritual gifts.

After graduating and completing her initiation with Nic and Court, Bella returned to her family’s land in rural western Oklahoma to help her mother take care of her ailing grandmother. What was supposed to be a short stay turned into four years due to a countrywide lockdown. Initially frustrated, Bella gradually discovered that her mother and grandmother also possessed spiritual gifts. As she worked the land and connected with her ancestors, Bella began to absorb their talents as savvy businesspeople and craftsmen.

She restored an old home on the property and transformed it into a sanctuary, much like Nic and Court’s. Financing the renovation by making and selling handmade items such as shoes and wood pipes crafted from the fruit trees her grandmother had planted, Bella also taught classes on business and mysticism to women around the world. She formed a close-knit group of friends who also had spiritual gifts, and together they challenged the older men who controlled the town. Through their efforts, they built a tiny village community focused on healing, teaching trades, and technology.

  • Chapter 1: The Return to Roots — Bella’s return to rural Oklahoma is initially marked by frustration and a longing for her former life in Brooklyn. She reconnects with her mother and grandmother and begins to uncover the hidden family gifts. 
  • Chapter 2: Discovering Ancestral Gifts — As Bella works the land, she begins to feel a deep connection to her ancestors. She discovers that her mother and grandmother possess powerful spiritual gifts, and she starts to absorb their skills.
  • Chapter 3: Crafting a New Path — Bella uses the skills she inherited to craft handmade items like shoes and wood pipes. She sells these items to finance the restoration of the old farmhouse, turning it into a sanctuary.
  • Chapter 4: Building the Sanctuary — With the funds from her handmade crafts, Bella renovates the farmhouse and transforms it into a sanctuary for spiritual healing and learning. She begins to teach classes to women worldwide.
  • Chapter 5: Forming Alliances — Bella befriends a group of childhood friends who have never left the small town. She discovers that they also have spiritual gifts, and together they form a strong alliance.
  • Chapter 6: Challenging the Old Guard — The group faces resistance from the older men who have controlled the town for years. They strategize and use their combined skills to overcome these obstacles and bring about change.
  • Chapter 7: Creating a New Community — The group successfully builds a tiny village community focused on healing, teaching trades, and embracing technology. Bella’s sanctuary becomes a central hub for learning and spiritual growth.


Why the name Bella? It’s the feminine version a family name.

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